Victorinox Swiss Champ XAVT Pocket Knife - VTKF-0032

1,981.80 SAR 2,202.00 SAR

قطعة واحدة متوفرة فقط

The Victorinox Swiss Champ XAVT is a massive Swiss pocket knife for collectors. Or people with large pockets. The XAVT is the massive monster from the Victorinox collection. With a factory specification of 80 functions, this pocket knife has more functions than any other pocket knife. This special knife is comprised of the following parts: 1-Large blade with Plain Edge(Length 6,8 cm) 2-Small blade(length 4,1 cm) 3-Corkscrew 4-Can opener with 5-Slotted screwdriver 3 mm(also suitable for Philips) 6-Bottle opener with 7-Slotted screwdriver 6mm and 8-Wire stripper 9-Broader 10-Key ring 11-Tweezers 12-Toothpick 13-Scissors 14-Multifunctional hook 15-Wood saw 16-Fish scaler with 17-Unhooker and 18-measuring rod(cm/inch) 19-Nail file with 20-Metal file with 21-Nail cleaner with 22-Metal saw 23-Slotted screwdriver 2 mm 24-Wood chisel 25-combination pliers with 26-Wire cutter and 27-Contraction part for cable lug 28-Philips-screwdriver 29-Universal Wrench 30-Ballpoint pen with 31-Dip-switch adjuster 32-Needle 33-Mini-slotted screwdriver 34-Sewing eye(in broader) 35-Bit holder and 36-Bit screwdriver with 37-Inbusbit 38-Bit screwdriver with 39-Philipsbit 0 40-Philipsbit 1 41-Sleufbit 4 mm 42-Philipsbit 2 43-Allen Key bit 44-Torxbit 8 45-Torxbit 10 46-Torxbit 15 47-Bitholder and 48-Screwdriver with 49-Allen key bit 50-Allen key bit 51-Slotted bit 3x1 52-Slotted bit 4x1 53-Torxbit 6 54-Torxbit 8 55-Allen key bit 1.2 56-Allen key bit 1.5 57-Allen key bit 2 58-Allen key bit 2.5 59-Large blade with Serrated Edge(length 6,8 cm) 60-LED-white light 61-Magnifier (5 X magnification, diameter 18 mm) 62-Multifunctional hook with nail file 63-Broader/skewer 64-Pruning knife 65-Electrician's knife with 66-Wire dismantling section 67-Spatula 68-Cap lifter 69-Can opener 70-Slotted screwdriver 71-Wire stripper 72-watch case opener 73-Slotted screwdriver 2 mm 74-Clock 75-altimeter 76-Barometer 77-Alarm 78-Countdown timer 79-Timer 80-Thermometer. Model: 1.6795.XAVT

Gender: Unisex
Size: 82*54*4mm
Color: Red

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